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With over 40 years of combined industry experience, QIS is ready to bring quick and innovative solutions to our clients. We specialize in collaborating with our customers to create quick, affordable, custom tools, and products that solve specific problems within engineering and manufacturing spaces.

While other vendors try a one size fits all, canned approach, we listen and work with companies to create custom products and solutions throughout their entire manufacturing line. In talking with numerous manufacturers, we found that there was frustration with the lack of flexibility with other printers. Too often, they would make the client's problem fit their process versus finding a solution that worked in the client's already established process. At QIS we felt this was a big difference that saved a lot of time, and in a lot of cases, it was the least expensive way to find the right solution. The result is a fully optimized design derived in less time and tailored to our client's specific needs.  


Our expertise using the most advanced manufacturing technologies combined with proven problem-solving methodologies uniquely positions QIS to develop the right custom solutions.  By staying abreast of the latest cutting edge manufacturing technologies and maintaining and building relationships with industry leaders, we are able to provide virtually any possible solution for our customers. Guiding customers to the right technology and material and helping them avoid pitfalls is a goal we strive to hit daily. 

QIS was born out of our excitement of identifying and delivering custom solutions focusing on "Small hits" that have proven to be "Big Wins" for our customers.  We are passionate about finding untapped, potential solutions. This passion fuels our innovation which manifests in improvements to costs, time, and even patented solutions. In turn, we want other industry leaders and process owners to experience and share in our excitement in these Big Wins.