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QIS was created out of our excitement of identifying and delivering custom solutions focusing on ‘small hits’ with proven ‘big wins’ for our customers.  We are passionate about opening our customers’ eyes to the untapped solutions within their manufacturing spaces.  This passion fuels our creativity to deliver improvements to costs, time, and quality. Even the smallest of improvements can create cumulative reductions in operational costs. The less time spent fighting unresolved misfits in tooling and process components, the more time freed.  Giving big wins for the workers and for bottom lines. 




With over 30 years of combined industry experience, QIS brings quick and innovative solutions to our clients. We specialize in collaborating with our customers to create quick, affordable, custom tools and products that solve their specific problems within engineering and manufacturing spaces.

Too often, catalog solutions are limiting.

The QIS custom solution approach makes a big difference. The end result is a tested design made to our client's specific criteria.  Giving them the right tool for their job.  


QIS' expertise with advanced manufacturing technologies, problem-solving methodologies,  and relationships with industry leaders uniquely positions QIS to create your custom solutions.  

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