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If you have a non-standard or temporary workplace, lighting of that space is challenging.

With this LED solution, QIS created a lighting system that was compact and mobile so the client could bring it where they need it. Providing reliable light that could be quickly installed and uninstalled.

An aerospace client uses ladders to perform work on their luxury product, but the ladder would bump and cause damage to it.

They solved this for years by wrapping the ladder in foam, but OSHA requires regular inspection of ladder welds which were being covered by the foam.

They came to QIS for help.

QIS developed a solution that brings the foam off the ladder so OSHA requirements are met and still offers the product protection they need.

Overhead work can present both ergonomic and safety challenges. What if you could stay in your ergonomic 'power zone' AND not need to get on a ladder? With custom threaded adaptors, simple overhead tasks can be performed while staying on the ground. Quicker, easier, and safer.

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